Now the rest you can only get at home is available for your truck. Absolute Mattresses for truck sleeper cabs and beds at a very attractive price.

You won't take delivery of a big and bulky mattress that you have to wrestle into you cab. Your mattress will be delivered rolled up and ready to put into the bunk area. Simply cut the binding holding it together and watch as the mattress fills the shape of your bunk space.

Best Foam
Our featured mattresses are made with heavy-density resiliency foam, the same type foam used in some of the finest residential mattresses and furniture. All mattresses are fire retardant.

The mattresses are designed to mold to the shape of your body thereby providing a good nights rest while supporting your back.

An Absolute Mattress will outlast any truck mattress you have ever had and will not lose its original comfort for years to come.

Dimensions List Price Sale Price Qty
32x78x5 $260.59 $212.73
36x75x5 $274.42 $224.00
36x80x5 $291.67 $238.10
38x80x5 $312.38 $255.00
42x80x5 $322.74 $263.46
All mattresses are made with a heavy duty innerspring, layers of heavy density convoluted polyurethane foam and fiber pads over the innerspring to promote longer wear and provide a barrier between the cushioning materials and the innerspring.

Material specifications

Ticking – 100% polyester Stichbond, 4 ounce per square yard Grey/White stripe. Treated to meet FMVSS302

Innerspring – 312 coil (based on full size) 9 gauge full border wire, 17.5 gauge helical, 5 turn Tempered steel

Fiber Pads – .75 ounce resinated fiber pads made of 100% polyester

Foam – Polyurethane 1.5 lb 36 ILD convoluted foam

Dimensions List Price Sale Price Qty
32x78x7 $172.78 $141.00
36x75x7 $172.78 $141.00
36x80x7 $181.65 $148.29
38x80x7 $184.59 $150.69
42x80x7 $190.51 $155.51
Leader Foam
An econimical alternative to the Best Foam Mattress.

100% Polyurethane Foam
100% Polyester Fabric

Dimensions List Price Sale Price Qty
32x78x5 $174.30 $142.29
36x75x5 $184.68 $150.76
36x80x5 $195.02 $159.20
38x80x5 $201.92 $164.83
42x80x5 $208.83 $170.47

Guaranteed sleep or your money back!
Produced in a union shop in the U.S.A.
Mattresses that were designed with the trucker in mind.
Unlike many other truck mattresses, all Absolute Mattresses pass Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for flammability.
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